Below you will find a list of services that our firm offers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, feel free to contact our office at 1 (786) 222-3692 and one of our staff members will answer your questions.



We advise clients about the best visa strategies for their specific needs and counsel them on a wide range of business immigration matters.

Corporate Law


We provide legal counseling and representation in all aspects of corporate law for both local and international clients. We assist clients who want to establish business entities in the United States. In addition, among the many areas of corporate practice, particular areas of knowledge and experience.

Tax Law


We assist clients with Pre- and Post-Immigration Tax Planning, aiming to optimize the fiscal impact on individuals in a scenario of multiple fiscal residency.

Why Expertise Matters

Mark Morais is an International and Business Immigration Attorney (Former Immigration Prosecutor with ICE) with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of Immigration and Nationally laws of the United States.

 Mark’s skills set involves a unique set of hands on experience acquired after working for several years for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


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Below you will find informative videos and articles with the most accurate and updated information about immigration laws and other important news about the United States of America. Feel free to contact our office at

Por quê o projeto de lei aprovado pelo Senado americano pode dificultar visto para brasileiros?

O Senado Americano aprovou recentemente o projeto de lei S.386. Caso esse projeto vire lei dificultará muito a obtenção de vistos por brasileiros e para várias […]

Um passeio de metrô em Miami com Mark Morais!

Conhecem Miami ? Embarque nesse video comigo e conheça um pouco do centro de Miami! Aqui viajamos dentro de um mini metrô que percorre toda região […]

Mito ou Verdade: O governo americano separava crianças imigrantes de seus pais?

Nesse vídeo o Dr. Mark Morais aborda um tema bastante polêmico, onde a mídia chegou a acusar o governo Trump de separar as crianças imigrantes de […]

Uma brasileira é condenada a mais de 4 anos de prisão.

Uma brasileira é condenada a mais de 4 anos de prisão por se passar por uma advogada. O advogado de imigração e direito internacional, o Dr. […]

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